Bee Chair Olivetti Design Contest 2019

People are the most important asset of any organization, therefore, a correct workspace is vital.
The goal is to create a place of high productivity that gives people a sublime experience and helps achieve their strategic goals. The spaces are designed around the concept of “people”, and the work they do. Bee is a solution based on the ergonomic, psychological and cognitive study of the worker, and its relation with office furniture, maximizing its functions and facilitating the user’s day-to-day.
Bee smartchair is designed for people, for you, the user.
Aesthetic and useful, Bee interacts with the user, keeping track of hours they spend sitting in it as well as if the position adopted is correct for them. In addition, it feature a personal agenda, notifying the user of present events.
Bee consists of an application that can be synchronized to the desired device, computer, tablet or smartphone.